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Readers can make comments in two areas.  The first will be comments on topics in mental health.  The second will be for topics in home health.  Before making comments, the reader should go to these pages and review information there to see how each area is organized.

Notice of privacy and warning about making comments that may reveal your personal identity

Comments you send to us may be published on our website.  That means your comments will be in the public realm.  Northland will not publish your name if you are a past or present user of services and wish to comment on that experience.  However, a person who chooses to make comments may intentionally or unintentionally provide enough information such that somebody might be able to infer who is making the comments.  The user of this service should therefore make any comments in light of the possibility that someone, somewhere might be able to identify the author of the comments, and should consider beforehand whether or not this possibility is acceptable.  We will not ordinarily remove information from the body of comments you provide even though those comments may reveal your specific situation, as we will assume that you want that information there.  However, Northland reserves the right to not publish your comments in whole or in part.    

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By selecting one of the options below, the reader can get started reviewing comments or making comments.  Selection will lead to additional instructions to facilitate this process.                       

Editorial policy

Northland will review new comments made to any category before posting them to the website for public review.  Northland reserves the exclusive right to include or reject any comments offered for posting.

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