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The basic structure of the social contract for public mental health services in Wisconsin.

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Consent for Treatment and Services

                                    CONSENT FOR TREATMENT AND SERVICES
Persons seeking outpatient mental health treatment can expect the following information from the clinic when they enroll:
1.  The results of the assessment have been presented verbally and in writing on the Initial Assessment and Treatment Plan and questions have been answered.

Caught on the Horns of Dilemma

CAUGHT ON THE HORNS OF A DILEMMA:  Living in the safety zone vs. living a  better life.
Reasons for staying in the safety zone
            Fear of being a bad person
            Social stigma
            Fear of retaliation
            Loss of material assets

Skewing The Frame

Skewing The Frame

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Are You Listening Or Just Reloading?

I think in our rush to argue and dissent these days, we have lost the art of listening. By that, I mean listening to truly understand the other person, not listening to agree or disagree, but simply listening to understand.

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July 18, 2010

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Myths and Realities

I was surprised. My first blog received so many responses, that I thought I would address a few concerns that were expressed. (They mirror the misconceptions I uncover when I give workshops on CBT to therapists who have not read the major CBT books or received formal training and supervision in CBT or watched DVDs of CBT therapy sessions).

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July 11, 2010
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