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Northland provides a variety of mental health services, including the outpatient clinic.  Mental health professionals at Northland include a psychiatrist, two psychologists, mental health counselors, and case managers.  Some of these staff also provide emergency services for people having a mental health crisis.
We take Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, including many HMOs, as payment for mental health services.  Some insurances may require you to pay a deductible amount or a co-payment.  Some mental health services are provided through contract with the county for people who qualify.  Contact our office with your questions about mental health services that apply to you, or review the information on this website about our mental health programs.

With this service our readers can tune into a conversation about various topics of interest in mental health, to become better informed, and to offer information and opinion.  Subject areas will range across the spectrum of mental health issues in America today.  In this section we will present both scholarly papers and articles summarizing experience and opinion.  These articles will be organized by topic.  Topic areas will include a variety of broad  subjects such as mental health administration, public sector mental health services, private sector mental health services, government funding of mental health services, models of practice, schools of thought, and other serious considerations within the field.  Those who wish to contribute to this conversation may do so in two ways, one by offering articles for publication on this website, and two by offering comments to be posted on this website.  (To submit an article for posting, click here; or choose an article below, or read on).


Topics in Mental Health

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Mental Health Policy Issues
The articles in this section provide information on mental health diagnoses and treatment procedures. You can pick what article interests you. The purpose of these articles is to provide information that helps you understand better problems such as anxiety, depression, anger control, or major mental illness. Extending your knowledge of mental health problems and the forms of treatment can help you manage your life better. Successful treatment in mental health not only requires an understanding of the treatment procedure, but other kinds of investments by the person being treated. This section can help the person make the decisions that are important in achieving better outcomes. The articles in this section cover many of the questions that have to be answered whenever programs are set up by agencies, or the government. We currently perform this task with mixed results. It would be nice if everyone could get better at this, but often the “debates” in the field consist of people talking past one another, or the questions remain silent. Explore these issues by reading these articles.