Level of Services

Below you will see levels of service over the past several years displayed visually in diagrammatic form.  Each diagram identifies the service, the hours, and the number of clients receiving that service.  Hours refers to the billable time spent providing services.  What is billable time is determined by contract, rule, or agreement, with the entity funding the services.
The first six diagrams are for services funded by Marquette County Department of Human Services. 





As you can see the levels of services have remained steady over the years for most services funded by Marquette County, with a drop occurring in Community Support Program, and in case management services.  Funding for services in Marquette County has remained steady, but, in the last four years, there has been no cost-of-living increase provided by the county.  Failure to provide COL has reduced the number of service hours available in the contract.
The next diagram is for services in Juneau County.  We provide Intensive In-Home Treatment to Children and Families and Coordinated Services Teams (CST), an integrated services program.  There has been a gradual decline over the years in these services, consistent with a gradual decline in funding.

We also provide Intensive In-Home Treatment to Children and Families in Adams County.  This program funding and the level of services has remained pretty steady over the last several years.

Our branch office located in Adams has seen a significant decline in the number of clients served and in the number of hours of services.  These services are outpatient mental health services, and they are all private pay.  The reduction has been forced by the failure of Medicaid (WMAP) to pay adequately for mental health services.  As is commonplace elsewhere, mental health providers are reluctant to provide psychotherapy and other outpatient services to people with Medicaid, unless the service is subsidized through county contract.  Many clinics in the state will not provide services to Medicaid patients at all due to the failure of reimbursement rates to keep up with costs.  This problem is encountered whenever Medicaid is employed on a private pay basis, even in the general medical and surgical area. 
Our branch office in Adams provides services on a private pay basis, meaning the person applying for the services has to pay for the service, out of their pocket or through their insurance plan.  Many of the people in these rural areas have lost their private insurance plans during the recession, or they are eligible for Medicaid due to falling below the poverty level.

The following diagrams, 10 through 13, show the level of services in the home health program.  That is the only program that has been expanding over the last several years.


The home health service has been immune so far to the effects of the recession because so many of the recipients are elderly and have Medicare.  The local counties that we serve have a high proportion of elderly citizens.


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